Panacea team volunteer as 'Reading Buddies' at local primary school

A team from Panacea have recently volunteered to become 'Reading Buddies' at a local primary school. The team visit the school each week and listen to the children reading.

The head teacher at Ballacottier Primary School, Riss Forrester, commented: "This year, the school are focusing on raising standards in reading across all year groups so it is great that Panacea is able to free up staff to come to school to help us improve reading"

Panacea’s Chairman, Stuart Colligon, is delighted with the community-business partnership: “There can be few things more important than the future prospects of the island’s children. The combination of schooling through lockdowns and parents spending much less time reading with their children has created a worrying gap in primary-age reading skills. I am very proud that the Panacea team of volunteers is contributing towards closing that gap and that we are able to make a positive impact for our community in this way.”

ballacottier school reading buddies